Thursday, March 9, 2017

Meet the Staff (Part 1)

At Fye Law Office, we have some great staff. And we want our clients, potential clients, and friends to have the opportunity to learn a little bit about them, and to hear some advice and thoughts from them. Today, you get to meet Destinee, one of the legal secretaries in our office.

How long have you worked for Fye Law Office?
     Started in October 2015

What is your work experience/education/training prior to coming to work for Fye Law Office?
     I worked for Lincoln County Attorney's office for 2.5 years while completing my AAS in business degree. I then moved to Holdrege. I worked as an office manager for 4 years before taking a job with Tri-Basin Natural Resource District as a secretary then moving into a public education position. I worked there for 4.5 years before starting with Fye Law Office.

What advice do you have to potential clients who are meeting with an attorney for the first time?
     Be as upfront and honest as you can. Attorneys can only deal with the information they are given and it is better for them to find out right away then to have something pop-up in court and not be prepared to deal with the information.

 What advice do you have to clients in working more effectively with their attorneys?
     Keep them up-to-date with any information that may change. It is hard to get a hold of clients when addresses or phone numbers change and we do not know about it. Also, remember that you are not their only client. They are good which keeps them busy.

Do you have any memorable experiences since working at Fye Law Office that you'd like to share?
      It is amazing how open some people are about what is going on. It is also interesting some of the stories the clients can come up with. We have definitely heard some good ones.

What do you like about working in a law office?
    I love how everyday is a different day. Each case is different. It is not the same thing day after day.

What is your favorite type of case or matter to work on? Why?
    I really love doing the adoptions. It is great knowing that a child is finding a forever home. Children need that acceptance it's great to see that happen.

Thanks to Destinee for sharing a little bit about herself, as well as her thoughts with all of you.

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